– Invest in our future – Invest in the future of children –

When you invest in Trimtab, you are making a social investment that will benefit the whole of society. Social Investment is an opportunity to support this company through offering your time, your talent or your treasure.

Trimtab is a for-profit endeavor because we believe what we offer is valuable enough to pay for. However, not everyone can afford to pay in full for our programs, and not every community can afford to fly us in to teach. Your investment supports others investing in their own education, and investing in their own communities. And so on … as we pay it forward and benefit each and all.

When you invest in the future of our children, the return on investment is immeasurable.

Every investor will receive a copy of ” The Future of Children”, written by Phillip Moore.

Shift the paradigm of education, and make a difference in the world –
Pay it “Four-ward” here

What your investment makes possible

Conscious Teachers

$40 supports a seeker for an evening of the Bridge
$400 supports a seeker by covering half of a full tuition
$4000 supports 10 teachers/seekers

The book:
‘The Future of Children: A Journey for the Sacred Child’

$40 supports the publication and dissemination of 4 books
$400 supports publications costs: editing, the cover, and ISBN number
$4000 supports the marketing campaign


$40 supports travel related costs
$400 supports air travel ticket
$4000 supports collaborative travel costs (taking a team member to a perspective client)

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