All sessions for this year are now complete.

Dear Conscious Teachers,

In Conscious Teachers 1.0, as a group of 30 people we experienced a mutual awakening into the very beginnings of a new paradigm.

We explored the synergy of how a group can dive deeply into radical intuition based on support and trust.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary met with us just before the publication of her new book, “The Awakened Family”. She came to be with us just after spending the weekend with Oprah Winfrey and a select group of teachers who were gathered to create programming for her flagship program Super Soul Sunday. Shefali was so inspired by her time with India Arie, Eckhart Tolle, Kerry Washington, and Cheryl Strayed that she transmitted much of her experience to us while inter-weaving her last visit to Upland Hills School where she was first introduced to India Arie’s song “I am Light”. Shefali then offered her new ideas to a large group of people who were given tools and insights into how to parent, and how to use families as opportunities to become more enlightened.

Our group then developed tools for moving more deeply into listening and speaking from a transformational space. We sang, danced and explored how to bring depth into our lives.

Jeff Carreira and his wife Amy Edelstein joined us for our second weekend where we were introduced to a new form of meditation based on the idea of ‘no problem’. His latest book “The Soul of A New Self” had just been published and our weekend together was about operationalizing the material of the book. We also explored the power of how a community can leverage their intentions to fall more deeply into a non dual state of awareness. Jeff and Amy also fell in love with Upland Hills School, Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center, and St. Benedict Monastery. They often commented on the quality of the groups and how powerful the energy in this community space is for occupying a new paradigm. They helped us define a conscious teacher and they pledged their support and return.

On the evenings we met before and after this workshop we created a field together that enabled us to teach each other from the space of being present. We explored the material of Jeff’s book by embodying it and doing it as we met the current moment. We also set the intention to receive our third teacher, Patricia Albere who is the founder of The Evolutionary Collective.

Our concluding weekend with Patricia Albere and core members of the the Evolutionary Collective took us even deeper into the inter-subjective domain of teaching and learning. Patricia guided us into the core practice of Evolutionary Collective called ‘mutual awakening’. It’s a kind of meditation with eyes open, giving us direct access to new dimension of consciousness that can only be discovered together. We used ‘mutual awakening’ to dive deeper and deeper into the space of emergence and explored more fully the potentials of the ‘we space’. At our closing ceremony we all experienced a new depth of connection and relatedness that is so uncommon in current educational settings.

Honoring Our Sacred Connection

To honor and deepen the sacred connections created in Conscious Teacher 1.0, Lisa and I created The Bridge – a series of six experiential sessions designed to stabilize our current field of consciousness while deepening our bonds and opening us more to what it means to be a Conscious Teacher.

A second intention we are holding for The Bridge is for it to be a vehicle for expanding our community. It is designed to include the core group of Conscious Teachers 1.0 along with your special guests – people who you feel resonate with an expanded world view. Guest registration is complimentary.

We will begin with an introductory session on Tuesday September 20th at 6:30 pm and then the following sessions will take place every third Thursday of the month from October 20th – March 19th at 7:00 pm. Meetings will be held in the Karen Joy Theater. See here for location information

Every Thursday evening will have a core theme that will guide us into unchartered evolutionary waters using small group activities, artistic expression and several types of meditation to explore the themes.

Conscious Teachers 2.0 will offer an opportunity to take an even deeper plunge into this new territory and to experience three evolutionary leaders who will add more depth and substance to our developing selves. You can find out all about Conscious Teachers 2.0 here.

Sending love
Phil and Lisa

— Past events in The Bridge Series


Choosing Your World

A visionary session devoted to choosing the world we are being called to live in
7 – 9pm


Innocent Wisdom

An experience of how as adults we can vastly change when we access our child self
7 – 9pm


The Synergy Love Story

How to celebrate our uniqueness within the context of our universal connection


Radical Intuition

How to experience intuition in a setting where trust, and creativity are fully present

JANUARY 26, 2017

The New We

An exploration of how being with others leads to becoming a social artist

FEBRUARY 16, 2017

The Future of Children

A preview of the book that will be published by Phillip Moore in 2017: offering the first operational exercise; Children as Teachers


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