Conscious Teachers

A small intimate collective of conscious humans dedicated to shifting the educational paradigm from within.

Our Conscious Teachers

Phillip Moore

Phillip Moore began teaching at Upland Hills Farm School in 1971. He was asked to become the director of the school in February of 1972 and served until June of 2013. During this 42 year period Phil developed teams on the staff and board level to grow a learning community. This culture developed a synergetic collaboration between the staff members that transcended most traditional models of educational institutions. Six of those staff members known as the dignity staff members average 30 years of dedication and three of them are still teaching.

Phil also led design and development teams to build five buildings over 31 years. Each building demanded problem solving skills on many levels. They are: a 24 foot diameter Geodesic Dome that was wind powered for over two decades, a passive solar three bedroom home, a schoolhouse that contains 6 classrooms, a library and kitchen, an Ecological Awareness Center with a sod roof that is solar and wind powered, built by volunteers and innovators, and a performance theatre that seats 150 people.

He also led a team to raise 1.5 million dollars to secure a total of 31 acres of land, provide retirement income for the dignity teachers, and develop a solar array that provides the school with 70% of it’s electrical energy.

He has just finished his first year of his Re-Wirement. He is currently developing a team to guide and innovate new initiatives through, a newly formed company based in Oxford, Michigan and Livingston, Montana. He and his wife Karen raised two amazing children both of whom attended the school full term. They are blessed with five wonderful grandchildren.

Jeff Carreria

Jeff Carreira has single pointedly pursued spiritual awakening for over twenty years. As the Director of Education of an international nonprofit organization he guided the spiritual growth and development of hundreds of individuals worldwide. He continues to lead groups of people through the mysteries of awakening and transformation guiding them into the profound depths of meditative practice and mystical inquiry. His sensitive and precise guidance will invite you into unlimited possibility. His direct and supportive manner of instruction consistently brings both experienced practitioners and novices alike to their most profound realizations.

Amy Edelstein

Amy Edelstein is a powerful communicator of ideas and beliefs that can help us transform ourselves and the culture we live in. In 2014, Amy founded the Inner Strength Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports over 2000 inner-city teens with mindfulness and cultural development. Based on her 35-years experience with contemplative practice and developmental philosophy, this program uniquely incorporates mindfulness stress reduction with adolescent neuroscience and cultural development so students learn tools to see their experience in a broader context.

Currently the subject of a research study by Syracuse University, whose pilot already showed significantly positive results, the Inner Strength teen program is committed to long-term transformation and evidence-based results. Amy is a Cornell University College Scholar, cofounder of Emergence Education which produces transformational books and programs for adults, and author of four books.