Can we ever leave the Upland Hills Learning Community?

The simple answer is no.
We first visited Upland Hills Farm School in October of 1971, the school had opened a few weeks earlier. At that time the school was located on Upland Hills Farm. The school occupied a space in a very large barn that burned to the ground some years after we had already moved to our Indian Lake Road location. In this large barn with a huge hayloft, Upland Hills Farm School existed in about half of the lower section of the barn. The other half was a kitchen and a cafeteria.

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– Shifting the education paradigm –

Dr Shefali Tsabary illuminates why Upland Hills School is a paradigm shifting educational entity.

Upland Hills School is a Michigan Independent School located in northern Oakland County on 35 acres of woods and rolling meadows in Oxford, Michigan. The school was actualized by a team led by Phillip Moore, the co-founder of the school, and founder of

Upcoming Events

Lessons from the Future:
An Evening Gathering for Parents and Educators

Friday, November 16, 2018

6:00pm – 8:00pm

with Master Educator and Education Pioneer,
Phillip Moore

Austin Waldorf School: Recital Hall
8700 S View Rd, Austin, TX 78737

“The future of our civilization and the future of the experiment called human life on earth are so intertwined with the future of children.” Phillip Moore, director of the independent Upland Hills School for over forty years, has much to offer educators, parents, indeed anyone who cares about how we are raising the next generation that will care for our world. His wisdom grew out of over four decades of direct experience with children who have been educated in a school based on love. Come connect with those who care about the future of children and be inspired towards making our community a place where children thrive even more!

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The Future of Children
A Workshop for Educators and Parents

Saturday, November 17, 2018

1:00pm – 6:00pm

with Master Educator and Education Pioneer,
Phillip Moore

South Austin (Address given upon registration)

Experience the new educational paradigm in ways that forge authentic inter-personal bonds, deepen intra-personal awareness, and connect with the outdoors. Join the masterful educator and riveting storyteller Philip Moore for a day of learning, laughter, and deep inspiration. This work/playshop is designed to provide experiences to awaken new ways of teaching and learning.

We’ll explore how to create an invisible field of trust and authenticity. Instead of an agenda of bullet points, we’ll begin by discovering the largest context we can create together, specifically designed for this moment. It’s a creative process guided by the synergy of the participants and by a field of consciousness that resides beyond our individual identities. Together, we’ll create a group intention, dedicated to all children on this planet, the ones that will follow and the children inside ourselves. This program is for anyone who cares about how we are raising and educating the next generation.

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Experience the new educational paradigm in ways that forge authentic inter-personal bonds, deepen intra-personal awareness, and connection with the natural world.
This retreat/work-playshop is designed to provide a seamless set
of experiences that awaken new ways of teaching and learning. It's designed beautifully for anyone who cares about how we raise the next generation, including parents and educators. Join us! Learn more Here.

Phil Moore featured on:
Stream Of Consciousness


Tuesday | 7 PM – 9 PM

Deepak Chopra

You are the Universe: Talk and Book Signing

Open to all Communities

Renaissance Unity
11200 E. 11 Mile Rd. Warren, Mi

Hollyhock Conference Center Presents:

The Future of Children Conscious Teaching

Thurs. July 17 – Sun. July 21, 2019

Hollyhock Conference Center
445 Highfield Road, Manson’s Landing
Cortes Island, BC, Canada

with Phillip Moore

Experience the new educational paradigm. Learn to forge authentic inter-personal bonds, deepen intra-personal awareness, and connect with nature through a set of experiences that awaken new ways of teaching and learning. Everyone welcome.

Phillip Moore is the former Director of the Upland Hills Farm School, inspired by Buckminster Fuller, and recent author of The Future of Children: Providing a Love-Based Education for Every Child.

Information and Registration Here
** Register before January 30th, 2019
and receive a 10% discount on housing and meals.**

Listen to “Loving Children into Being” Podcast
About Hollyhock
Hollyhock exists to inspire, nourish and support people who are making the world better. Our not-for-profit learning centre offers extraordinary leadership programs to advance consciousness, connection & cultural transformation

Conscious Teachers 2.0 Quick Details

16 Weeks

3 Weekend Sessions

2 evening sessions

3 Guest Teachers

“I take great joy in commending Phillip Moore and his Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center to you. I’m personally convinced of the competence of Moore and his associates, of their integrity and of their realistic commitment to society. Warmly, faithfully,Buckminster Fuller, April 20, 1979

Our Philosophy

A Trim Tab is a conceptual tool taken from engineering. It is a miniature rudder, on the edge of a larger rudder, which if moved, builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around taking almost no effort at all.

Buckminster Fuller, American architect, systems theorist, author, designer and inventor, and Philip Moore’s mentor, teacher and adopted grandfather, lived his life as if he were a trim tab. Bucky’s World Game was the ultimate expression of his life’s work. The intention of World Game was to make the world work for 100% of humanity without endangering the natural world. under the guidance of Phil Moore is acting on behalf of all children to change the course of education, so that every child will be treated as a genius and will be nourished as a sacred being.

“What can happen if an entire community makes a commitment to become the Trim Tab for a paradigm shift in the field of education?

What We Do and Why specializes in creating and offering coherent palpable experiences for teachers, parents, grand parents, administrators, students and seekers who are ready to devote their consciousness to something much bigger than themselves – in service of shifting the paradigm of education for the future of children.

By working in small groups, using the tools of meditation, self reflection, introspection, and intuition to bond – initiatives that act as Trim Tabs arise from our collective insights, which we then carry into the world together.

Watch Jeff Carreira speak to Why Trimtab is Necessary

Our Initiatives

Conscious Teachers 3.0

Our Flagship 16 Week Program for all those who are pulled to occupy an educational paradigm of the future.


The Bridge

A series of events for our Conscious Teachers to continue the work and stay connected.

New Program Coming Soon


We consult with organisations and independent schools inspired to shift the educational paradigm.


The Book

The Future of Children: A Journey for the Sacred Child
by Phillip Moore.


Our Philosophy In Action

Upland Hills School is a Michigan Independent School located in northern Oakland County on 35 acres of woods and rolling meadows in Oxford, Michigan.

The Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center is dedicated to providing experiences and resources that promote a sustainable relationship with the natural world and each other.

Both projects were actualized by by a team led by co-founder of both ventures, and founder of, Phillip Moore.


Upland Hills School (Oxford, MI) grad, Eric Roberts, talks about being a spacecraft engineer and about the profound influence his Upland Hills School education had on his life and career.


Author, teacher, philosopher, Jean Houston, talks about Upland Hills School in Oxford, Michigan during her visit.


Michael Leone describes the profound and positive influence that his Upland Hills School experience has had on the course of his life.

Every child is born a genius. It is my conviction from having watch a great number of babies grow up that all of humanity is born a genius and becomes de-geniused very rapidly by unfavourable circumstances and by the frustration of all their inbuilt capabilities.

– Buckminster Fuller

What Others are Saying about Conscious Teachers

“Conscious Teachers lights one path which, intentionally and collectively, may nudge us to move in positive directions as we learn how to play/work together in aligning ourselves with universal processes.”Linda Easley, Professor of Anthropology at Siena Heights University

“Friends, love, learning, care…. These kids are going to grow up to be very different adults. They are hands on, sensory rich…. growing up to be true, deep, wise, interested human beings.”Jean Houston, on her experience of the Upland Hills School


When you invest in the future of our children,
the return on investment is immeasurable.